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Is the professional development of you, your managers and staff important to you and your organization?  If the answer is yes, but you are frustrated with the lack of available programs geared to your industry’s security concerns, check out the list below of courses prepared by Dave Rodwell. Dave believes that employee performance is at the heart of effective business security.

Knowledgeable employees know what needs to be done and how to do it to achieve business security goals. Dave Rodwell’s workshops help ensure that your employees have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to handle security issues that arise.

Dave’s combined years of experience in policing, corporate security and command of exceptional public speaking skills; has crafted workshops that will give your employees the opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge, and capabilities.  These courses have practical information that is easily applied.

Check out the workshops and e-learning courses Dave currently offers.

The Five Finger Discount – A Guide to Shoplifting Prevention
(Employee Course)


Course Details (pdf)

In this one hour four module e-learning course, retail employees will learn how to prevent and handle shoplifting situations with confidence.  Learn how great customer service can prevent the need to deal with shoplifters.

The Five Finger Discount – A Guide to Shoplifting Prevention
(Owner/Manager Course)


Course Details (pdf)

Shoplifting is a billion dollar business. Is your company a victim?  In this one hour e-learning course, as the owner/manager of a retail business, you will learn how to implement a shoplifting program in your business and motivate your staff in shoplifting prevention.

Thinking beyond the Fear – An Armed Robbery Survival Guide


Course Details (pdf)

One of the most difficult issues to ever face a business is the death of an employee or violence within the business.

This one hour workshop is designed to teach employees to do's and don’ts in robbery situations and how to minimize the odds against being a victim of assault.

Defusing the Anger in Workplace


Course Details (pdf)

Tragically, from time to time, anger explodes into violence, even death.   At times, customers or co-workers get upset and angry and react out of frustration. Companies must provide their employees with the skills to recognize and the confidence to defuse anger, before it erupts to violence.

This one hour workshop is designed to give employees the skills to prevent the escalation of anger into violence.

The Science of Interviewing – Learn structured, productive interviewing


Course Details (pdf)

Interviewers conduct conversations with individuals to learn the truth about incidents or situations that occur in a business from time to time. Skilled interviewers will collect knowledge and facts that an untrained interviewer will not or even envision.

During this one hour workshop, learn the techniques to plan and conduct an interview that insures the collection of all the important information. 

The Five Ws of Statement Taking – Learn what should be taken and how


Course Details (pdf)

This one-hour workshop will teach employees what is required to take statements and what is necessary to ensure a complete and accurate witness statement.

Learn the five Ws: who, what, when, where and why.

This session will cover both writing and recorded statements and the advantages of each. It will teach how to get a formal account of the facts pertaining to the matter under investigation. Learn effective questioning techniques.

Note Taking - The Ultimate Guide to collecting relevant information


Course Details (pdf)

What can be embarrassing and frustrating is when you are questioned about an incident that has occurred in the past and you cannot accurately recall the details. This is when you would check your notes and astonish them with details of the incident.

This one-hour workshop will teach employees why note taking is necessary and various methods to ensure complete and accurate notes.

Internal Investigations –When you need answers to questions


Course Details (pdf)

Incidents occur in a business from time to time, that require an in-depth look at the circumstances that lead to the incident.  What occurred during and after the incident?  This is required so management can make some decisions based on facts and not on rumor or third hand information.  This calls for an internal investigation.

This course will provide learners with all the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out a thorough, non-biased, detailed internal investigation.

Don't be Duped – The Everyday Guide to Crime Prevention for Seniors


Course Details (pdf)

This workshop will provide participants with the knowledge of various scams, frauds, and other crimes that target seniors. Learn tips to prevent being the victim of crime and some personal safety tips when out and about.

The following courses are offered through an associate company:

About SecuSolutions e-learning

Download the pdf of the course to get more information on each course.

Information Security Awareness (pdf)
User Awareness Training is critical to the proper dissemination of an Information Security Policy. The most comprehensive Information Security Policy can be defeated by a single end-user mistake. Organizations today have already invested in computer security technologies such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems, yet the most significant security risk remains the human factor, which is often seen as being too difficult a challenge to address. This e-learning solution makes addressing the issue of security awareness fast, on time and effective. This course will provide employees and contractors with an overview of information security issues and increase general security awareness.

Payment Card Information (“PCI”) Awareness
The protection of credit card information is regulated by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard
(DSS).   Section 12.6 of the PCI Standard requires us to implement a formal security awareness program to make all employees aware of the importance of cardholder data security.  This training program is designed to meet this requirement.

NERC CIP Standards Training (pdf)
NERC CIP Standard CIP-004-1 R2 requires that personnel having authorized cyber access or unescorted physical access to critical cyber assets must have annual cyber security training that addresses policies, access controls, and procedures appropriate to personnel roles and responsibilities.  This course address these issues as well as best practices as it relates to computer usage in a utility company environment.

Chemical Terrorism Vulnerability Information (CVI) Training
This training provides an overview of a sensitive, but unclassified designation titled “Chemical-terrorism Vulnerability Information” (CVI). It defines what CVI is, what information is no CVI, who is subject to this regulation, access and disclosure of CVI, safeguarding CVI and reporting potential CVI violations.

Information Security Management (pdf)
This course is designed to help mangers understand the risks associated with the organization’s information infrastructure.  It also highlights the importance of an Information Security Policy, including the enforcement of the policy.  In addition to identifying security management protocols, it also addresses risk management and breach management principles.

Physical Security Training (pdf)
Physical Security refers to the protection of buildings sites, personnel, equipment, information and software contained within from theft, vandalism, natural and man-made disasters and accidental damages.  The uncertainties and demands of modern society have transformed the physical security profession. Organizations and businesses need physical security practitioners to handle a wide variety of challenges, from access control to threat analysis.  The training program allows you to pinpoint the areas of knowledge you need to stay on top of the physical security field.  The program covers essential aspects of physical security assessment, selection of integrated physical security measures, and implementation of physical security measures.

Incident Response and Computer Forensics (pdf)
This course will take the security practitioner and investigator through each of the areas of incident response, computer crime investigation and computer forensics, so that they are better prepared to respond to both internal and external attacks.  This includes a detailed description of the following topics: the law, digital evidence, technology primer for investigators, incident response planning, preliminary investigation, breach notification requirements, search and seizure, computer forensics, forensic challenges, network forensics, and legal proceedings.  This course is design for law enforcement personal, information security practitioners and anyone that has to handle, collect, preserve and analyze digital evidence.

Secure Coding Practices (pdf)
The purpose of this course is to help software developers improve the security of web-based application software. The content of this course is based upon the OWASP guidelines and addresses best coding practices as it relates to the protection against SQL Injection, Cross Site scripting, buffer overflow attacks and more.  It also addresses techniques for proper authentication, access control, session management and data validation.

Identity Theft Training
This course is designed to educate the learner on the risks and threats associated with Identity Theft, Phishing and Social Engineering. This is a 15-minute primer that describes the methods used by an attacker and the prevention techniques that you can use to avoid becoming a victim of ID Theft.

Red Flag Rule (pdf)
This course is designed to educate the learner on the risks and threats associated with with the Red Flag Rule and addresses all of the topics in the Identity Theft course, in greater detail.

Internet Safety (Parents Edition) (pdf)
This course is designed to assist parents in protecting their children from Internet-related threats. This safety course will help the parent to monitor their child’s on-line activities, as well as describing ways to block certain types of content and deploying safe computing practices.

Internet Safety (Kids Edition) (pdf)
This course is designed to help children understand the dangers of the Internet.  It uses animated characters to present important topics in a non-frightening way. The course covers issues of on-line predators, chat, piracy, Internet bullying, etc.

Pandemics and the H1N1 Flu
This course is designed to help the public understand what a pandemic is, what the H1N1 flu is, how to protect themselves and their family from this lethal threat. It helps them to stay informed and stay healthy.

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